Copod - reimagine the way we interact with music

The Copod is a speaker with a tangible interface that re-imagines the way we interact with music in a co-living setting. The project was in a fictive collaboration with YAMAHA during one of the project based classes at ArtCenter College of design. During the course the project was taken from idea, to prototype to final modelling and presentation of both physical working prototype and additional UI and UX features.

Interaction & product design
ArtCenter College of Design
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The Challenge

With no digital readouts, the pod is simple and hassle free. The user is invited to manipulate sound with gestures. Communication and conversation around music and how to control it will arise. This invite to social interaction that strengthens the bond between us. Compose your own pod- An easy-to-assembly construction for a simple end of life disassembly. By downloading the copod app, the user can set up an account and connect the copod to wifi and playlists. The user set up a profile based on their handprint. The co-living experience is for many special and memorable. This led me wanting to create an experience that enhance the co-living lifestyle. The market By 2050 two thirds of the world’s population will be city dwellers. Private space will become a luxury, a demand for products in the co-living segment will arise.

The Design Process.

From researching the possibilities where music and co-living intersect, interviews, paper prototypes to material testing and model making. The end goal was to create a future vision of how a new form of interaction with sound could look and how this could be beneficial for YAMAHA. How might we enhance the co-living experience, with music?".

Paper prototypes were used to explore different ways of controlling sound.
Using clay to discover form and proportions and for user testing!