Lumenect - pushing boundaries in e-mobility infrastructure

Covestro reached out to Umea Institute of design to get a new perspective on how their products and material can be used in the future of EV-charging stations. Due to the fact that the development of EV-charging vehicles are increasing and in parallell also the need for EV-charging stations.

Product design & branding
Covestro & Umea Institute of Design
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The Challenge

Where? The project scope was to create a solution of EV-charging units that would be beneficial for parking lots in close relation to supermarkets and stores. Throughout the project the research was conducted in close collaboration with supermarkets and interviews with visitors at the Supermarket to get an understanding about their underlying needs and wishes for the EV- charging stations. "As of today, there is no existing infrastructure for EV-chargers which makes it difficult to keep on rolling" - Anders, EV Vehicle owner

The Design Process.

The system of Lumenect is building on existing infrastructure we can make use of pre-existing electricity outlets in the cities. The attachment feature of the back of Luemenct allows for a flexible attachment in different areas of the city, for example lamp poles or electrified points.

The app contains payment service, map location and a reward system connected to stores and supermarkets.