Moneo - intuitive human robot interaction

What if you could program a robot without any programming knowledge? Moneo is a spatial computing device that translates human movement into code for the robot to understand and was inspired by the movements of a chef creating a meal. Moneo empowers anyone to control a robot, without any prior knowledge of robot programming and by doing so, democratizing the use of robotics. The concept was developed in close collaboration with ABB Corporate Research during my thesis project at Umea Institute of Design.

HRI in manufacturing
ABB Corporate Research, Vasteras, Sweden
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The Challenge

Currently, it is difficult for small to medium sized enterprises to invest in the addition and maintenance of robots to their production chain. This leads to companies being forced to move their production abroad, which is neither environmentally nor socially sustainable, due to jobs leaving Sweden and the logistics required to ship products around the world are harmful to the environment. What is Moneo? A programming device that simplifies the programming of Pick-and-place robots. By changing the mode of human-robot communication from coding to instructing the robot by gestures that it should imitate, Moneo lowers the threshold of programming and empowers anyone to control a robot, without any prior knowledge of robot programming. By lowering the cost of robot maintenance, more companies will be able to stop outsourcing and keep their production in Sweden. Let’s democratize the use of robotics, by breaking the code barrier with Moneo! Who was it designed for? This serves to be especially helpful for small to medium-sized enterprises, who are currently struggling with expensive machinery that aren’t adaptable enough for a changing market and which are also not intuitive to program. By simplifying the programming of robots at manufacturing sites, Moneo strives to democratize production. This favors decentralized production, allows for small- to medium-sized companies to stay in Sweden and reduces the need of shipping. By having Moneo as a rental service, the designer also takes the product lifecycle into consideration.

The Design Process in short.