Heavy marshmallows - workout equipment for the home environment

Heavy marshmallows - also called VIKT. How can we maintain a healthy routine without compromising with time and space? I got the opportunity to be a part of the eXpression start up program and grant to design and create a locally produced product in Vasterbotten, Sweden in five months. I was able to bring the product to market within the timeframe which included everything from idea and design to finding and establishing connection with the local cast-iron producers to final product and marketing. The VIKT collection was later sold at Designtorget and have been on display in different venues such as Formex and Grand hotel. (Picture by Johan Gunseus.)

Product design
eXpression & Designtorget
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The Challenge

VIKT was initially inspired for my moms impulsive purchasing of various work our equipment from TV-shop. These usually ended up in the closet due to their eccentric shape and materials. The goal was to create workout equipment that would have a deep interior focus and would be allowed to be exposed in the home. The kettlebell VIKT can be used for workouts, doorstop, bookend or as a decoration. A multi functional fitness equipment for the home in need of smart living solutions. VIKT is made out of cast iron from old Swedish railways and produced by Norrlandsgjuteriet in the Northern part of Sweden.

The Design Process.

Challenging the norm of workout equipment. By challenging the typical shape and colors that we associate with fitness equipment, VIKT gives a softer impression and feel with inspiration from the home.

First prototypes.
Model used in the production process was CNC milled and assembled.
Carefully chosen colors.